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Good Smile Announces Car Mouth Kirby Pop Up Parade Figure is in Development

Today at Wonder Festival 2024, Good Smile Company announced at the Wonderful Hobby Life for You 38 [WonHobby38] booth that a second Kirby Pop Up Parade Figure of Car Mouth Kirby is officially in development.

While Good Smile did not have any prototype images to show off (or any details of the figure), have a look at the teaser image the company released below!

Kirby pop up parade car mouth carby good smile figure

The teaser image may not be too exciting or insightful, but at the very least, a confirmation of the figure's existence is welcoming!

Just last week, Good Smile confirmed that Kirby would be joining the company's Pop Up Parade lineup with the announcement of a figure featuring everyone's favorite pink puff riding on the Warp Star. The first Kirby Pop Up Parade Figure is scheduled to be released this June in Japan and Q4 2024 in North America. Pre-orders are already available worldwide for the figure.

Pop Up Parade is Good Smile's series of affordable figures that were designed to be easy to collect. Each figure generally stands at around 17 to 18 centimeters in height. Considering the first Kirby figure is going to retail for $31.99, we can only assume at the moment that the Car Mouth Kirby will be sold at the same price point or around the same price.

When more details about the Car Mouth Kirby Pop Up Parade Figure are made available, we will be sure to let you all know! If you are looking for more information about Good Smile's other Kirby announcements at WonHobby38, we have you covered with our article on the Kirby Café Nendoroids.


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